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Languedoc Park Nature Reserve


  1. Walking on designated trails, including with domestic pets provided the owner can control the pet (owners MUST pick up after their pets) ;

  2. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing on designated trails subject to the annual agreement with the municipality;

  3. Operating snowmobiles on the designated trail subject to the annual agreement with the regional  snowmobile association;

  4. The public is welcome to access the reserve from sunrise to sunset;

  5. Enjoying the view; 

  6. Whale watching;

  7. Flora and Fauna observation (click HERE for current list of sited species)

  1. Harvesting, picking, mowing, cutting or destroying existing vegetation and trees unless it is an impediment or presents a risk to the above outlined permitted activities;

  2. Removing organic or mineral material or other modifications to soil composition;

  3. Creating roads and paths;

  4. Camping;

  5. Raising, installing or constructing infrastructures, (such as boardwalks or platforms), buildings, trailers, tent trailers, or any other type of habitation, shed or edification;

  6. Storing garbage, compost or other hazardous waste or products;

  7. Circulating motor vehicles, motor bikes, mopeds, ATVs, (snowmobiles are permitted on the designated trail);

  8. Lighting fires;

  9. Using firearms;

  10. Hunting or trapping;

  11. Uncontrolled domestic pets

"We kill all the caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies."

John Marsden,  The Dead of Night

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